[email protected] Site: Create a Business Impact Analysis Page

Office of Information Technology (OIT) service owners should complete a Business Impact Analysis page for each technology associated with their service offerings so they can identify potential effects of natural and man-made events or disasters on business operations.

Information entered automatically generates a webpage with a Business Impact Score. The score can be further analyzed to help ensure compliance requirements are met and plan disaster recovery solutions.

Add Content

  1. Sign in as a contributor to the [email protected] site.
  2. Select Content in the black administrative toolbar.
  3. Select Add content.
  4. Select Portfolio Business Impacts.
  5. In the Choose a title for this portfolio business impacts field, enter the name of the technology.
  6. In the Portfolio Service Offering field, select the Service Offering which this technology supports.

    The page will automatically be associated with the Business Service of that Service Offering.

  7. In the Portfolio Technology Parent Page field, begin typing the name of the technology.
  8. A list of technologies will appear; select the name of the technology.

    This will associate the business impact score with the main page for the technology in the Technology Portfolio.

  9. Select the appropriate radio buttons in the Business Impact Scores area.
  10. In the Groups Audience field, select the name of your business service. This will limit access of the page to:
    • Staff members the service owner has authorized to create content for your business service
    • The IT Leadership team
    • The OIT Disaster Recovery Services team
  11. Follow the standard procedure for publishing content.

Additional Information