ITG Center: Changes & Updates

The information below summarizes the most recent set of changes made to ITG Center. Links to previous release notes are located at the bottom of the page.

Release Notes - 07/31/2016

ITG Center has been upgraded to version 9.32. Some things to note about this upgrade:
  • The URL to access the updated Production ITGC system will be the same URL you have been using. You can login here
  • The application will behave in mostly the same way you are used to. The user interface has been updated and new features can be found in this google document.
  • This upgrade will include a move to a new VM running a current version of Linux and it will move the ITGC database to Oracle 12, bringing the entire application up to supported software versions. 
  • Most current browsers are also supported (browser support documentation can be found on the ITG Support site.) You may need to clear your cache in your browser, if your header looks strange.  If you use IE and it still does not display the UMN logo after clearing cache, you may need to remove from your Compatibility View settings, restart your browser and go to ITG.  Then you can put back in your compatibility settings.
If you experience any issues with the upgraded ITG, please contact Technology Support by emailing [email protected], calling 612-301-4357 or visit for additional ways to reach Technology Support.

Release Notes — Previous

ITG Center Release Notes - 2015 (PDF) 

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