How to Use the Hardware Purchasing Website

This article will help you to submit a request for hardware or software through the Hardware Purchasing website.

Required Information

  • Name or Internet ID of the requester (if different than that of the person filling out the form)
    • The person listed as the requester will be copied on confirmation and completion emails
  • Quantity of items
  • Billing EFS String 
    • Note: If you are working on Tier 1, please do not gather this information either over the phone or by email. It can be passed to the zones for further assistance. 
  • Name or Internet ID of the approver


  1. Navigate to the Hardware Purchasing Page
    • Note that you may be prompted to log in using your University of Minnesota Internet ID and password before you can access the purchasing page.
  2. If you are submitting an order for someone other than yourself, enter their Email address under the Recipient section in the upper left and click Change.
  3. Add your items to your cart:
    • If you are ordering one or more of our Stock items, select them from the page on which they appear and add them to the cart. 
    • If you are ordering a Custom item, click the Custom tab and enter the URL where we can purchase the item or the part number from UMarket.
  4. Once all items are added to your cart, click on your cart and choose View Cart.
  5. If all items are present and correct, click Submit Order.