How to Reset your Compass Password

You may reset your Compass password using the Self-Service Compass Password Reset utility or from the link within Compass listed under Employee. This article will guide you through using the self-service tool.


  1. While connected to the University network (on campus or using a VPN Client), Navigate to
  2. Sign in using your Internet ID and Internet Password.
  3. Once you have logged in, the page will display your email address and the matching Compass ID.

  4. Click the reset password button.

  5. Connect to Compass and log in using the new temporary password.

  6. After successful login, a notification that the password is expired will appear. Click OK to set a new permanent password. For "Old Password" type the new temporary password.

  7. When setting your new Compass password, some special characters (such as #@$!) are not accepted and will cause issues for subsequent logins. 
    • Avoid all special characters in Compass passwords!
    • Can cause Compass login error: "ORA-12154: TNS: Cannot resolve the connect identifier specified"

Additional Information

You may receive a message that says "You do not have a Database Login ID." In this situation, you will need to have your manager or supervisor complete an IS Request Form at

Customers may report that when attempting to set their password within Compass, they receive an oracle error message if their password is expired

  • "Database error ORA-00922: Missing or invalid option".

Customers may encounter this error if the old password is entered incorrectly

  • "Error message ORA-28008: Please contact your database administrator",. 

Have customer use the utility if customer reports these cases.


Please contact the Technology Helpline for additional assistance.