Grouper: Create Groups

WorkflowGen uses a tool called Grouper to manage groups between the Customer Development instance (CDEV) and the production instance (PRD).

Creating Groups

  1. Log in to Grouper.
  2. Click Create Groups.
  3. Browse to the folder the group should be created in.
  4. Click Create Group.
  5. Enter folder name, folder ID, and description. Best practice €“ no spaces in name and ID and have the name and ID be the same. The "Assign privileges to everyone" are public values. The best practice is to not allow anything other than read and view privileges.

    WorkflowGen Create Groups screen

  6. Click Save.
  7. The group summary screen will now appear. The group will show up in WorkflowGen as the ID Path minus the first two values. In this example, in WorkflowGen the group name will show up as Department3: Department3Group.

    WorkflowGen Group summary screen