Grouper: Create Folders

We use a tool called Grouper to manage participants for Workflow Gen processes in both the Customer Development instance (CDEV) and the production instance (PRD).

Creating a folder

  1. In Grouper, click on the down-pointing triangle button next to +Create new group in the left-hand column and choose Create new folder.
    The Create New Group down-pointing triangle is highlighted.
  1. In the Create in this folder field, start typing to search for the name of the parent folder where your new folder should reside. Select the correct folder from the search results when it pops up.
    Select a parent folder
  1. Enter Folder name and Description.
    1. Folder names should not have spaces between characters.
    2. Do not edit theFolder ID- it must remain identical to theFolder Name.

Create new folder interface

  1. Click Save.