Grouper: Copy a Group from Branch to Branch

Grouper has two branches for WorkflowGen, CDEV and PRD. It is important that the structure between the two branches is identical for processes that need to moved into production.

For example, if there is a group:

  • "umn:workflowgen:cdev:oit:process1:requester"

then, you must also have the group:

  • "umn:workflowgen:prd:oit:process1:requester"

To copy a group from one branch to another:

  1. Navigate to the group in CDEV that you want to copy, e.g., umn:workflowgen:cdev:process1:requesters.
  2. Click copy group.
  3. For the destination folder, enter the destination ID without the group name, e.g., umn:workflowgen:prd:oit:process1
  4. Click copy group.