Grouper: Administer Groups

WorkflowGen uses a tool called Grouper to manage groups between the Customer Development instance (CDEV) and the production instance (PRD).

Adding Members and Administrators

By default when you create a group you are "an entity with admin privileges"; however, you are not a member of the group.

  1. Click on My Groups in the Quick Links sidebar. 
  2. Navigate to the tab titled Groups I manage.

    The "My Groups" page is displayed, and the "Groups I Manage" tab is active/selected.
  3. Find the group you want to manage in the list, or use the Filter for: field to search for a group name.
  4. Click on the Group Name.
  5. Click the orange Add members button in the top right corner of the page.

    The "Add members" button is displayed

  6. Enter the UMN Internet ID (or the name of an existing Grouper group) you want to add as a member.

    A UMN Internet ID is being typed into the Member name or ID field.

  7. Set the privileges for the new members (see list under image for role/privilege descriptions). 

    A list of the Grouper roles that can be assigned to a member or subgroup are listed. Member is checked by default.

    • "Member privilege" adds the participant as a member to the group.
    • "Optin" and "optout" enable participants to opt in to and/or out of the group.
    • "View" enables a participant to see that a particular group exists.
    • "Read" allows the person to see the group membership.
    • "Update" allows for adding members to the group.
    • "Admin" designates if a participant as the administrator of the group.
    • Note: These designations are mutually exclusive, i.e. "Admin" does not automatically designate a participant to "member" status, and "member" doesn't automtically enable "read" status. In most cases for WorkflowGen, participants will have "admin" and/or "member" designations.
  8. Click Add.

Changing Privileges

  1. From the group summary page, click Show entities with and the privileges you want to modify.

    WorkflowGen Show entities with screen

  2. Click the link that says "has direct privileges" next to the person / group you want to modify.

    WorkflowGen Entity list filtered by privilege screen

  3. Set the new privilege and click assign this privilege. (To remove the person, deselect all of the privileges).

Removing Members

  1. Go to the "Members" tab
  2. Click on "Actions"next to the name of the person you want to remove.
  3. Click "Revoke Membership".