Google Video Calls: Find a Meeting Invitation

Google video call (Hangout) invitations may appear in one or more of these ways:

  • A chat window pop-up with the link
  • In your Google+ stream (in the content in the middle of your Google+ window)
  • In the meeting organizer's Google+ stream (search for their name in Google+)
  • A notification - the red number - in the upper right of Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google+
  • An email invitation
  • In Google Calendar as a link in a meeting event

If you cannot find your invitation through any of these options, you should contact the meeting organizer to have him or her resend the invitation.

Additional Information

If you are creating a Google Video Call and would like to make sure the people you invite can find the meeting, do one of the following:


  • Send an email with the URL for the meeting to all participants (make sure to invite them through the meeting interface as well). Note: You must invite any participants not on your system campus to join the hangout through the meeting in order to allow them to join your hangout.