Google Hangouts: Who Can Use Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts Chat

Google Hangouts is a web meeting service available to most people at the University of Minnesota. Google Hangouts Chat is a chat application similar to Slack or HipChat.

Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts Chat are not available to University of Minnesota accounts that deal with HIPAA data (accounts in the BAA within the Academic Health Center). People within the BAA who have a business need for using online meetings through Google, can request an exception and use Hangouts Meet in place of Google Hangouts. See Google Apps for Accounts with Access to HIPAA or Other Sensitive Data and scroll down to Requesting Access to Additional Apps for more information. 

If someone is outside the BAA, they can join a Hangouts Meet they are invited to by a person in the BAA, but they cannot start one. Likewise, folks in BAA+ who try to join a Hangouts meeting will not be able to.

Additional Information

Departmental and sponsored accounts in Google do not have access to this feature.