Google Hangouts: Video Calls with Participants from Outside the UMN Domain

Any Google video call (Hangout) will be restricted to the UMN domain by default, limiting the call initially to the participants from your domain. Here are three workarounds:

Inviting participants outside your own UMN domain

Option 1: Change the Hangout to allow people outside the University of Minnesota

  1. When you create the Hangout, click Change in the Hangout title box next to the default domain setting "University of Minnesota Only Meeting."
  2. Click Allow when asked to allow guests to join the call.
    arrow pointing to Change button that opens up an option to allow guests outside of the UMN domain to access the meeting

Option 2: Enable external participants while the Hangout is in progress

  1. Distribute the Hangout session link ahead of the meeting.
  2. Have external participants attempt to join. When they attempt to do so, you'll be prompted to accept their request to join the Hangout.

Option 3: Organizing the Video Call Using Google Calendar (no change)

  1. Create a Google Calendar event
  2. Add a video call
  3. Invite lots of people - some from domain, some from outside such as,, etc.
  4. Everyone confirms through calendar event
  5. Just before the event begins,
    1. Open the link in the event (note that the call is restricted to University of Minnesota in the lower left corner)
    2. Using the icon at the top left of the video call screen, directly invite each of your guests from outside the domain using their full email address. 
      (This should flip the restriction to "People outside ... ")

      Now, whether they join through this direct invite in an email or the Google Calendar link, they should be able to access the meeting. 

Additional Information

For reoccurring meeting needs with the same attendees, consider making a Google group or Google+ circle of those who you wish to invite to these video calls for ease of setup. Then you can invite them all directly from the call with one group or circle name.