Google Hangouts: Leave a Hangout

Before you leave

  • If you invited someone to participate in the Google video call by calling their telephone, their participation in the video call is tied to yours. When you leave the video call, they will be dropped, so make sure they know they're leaving as well.
  • If relevant conversation took place in the chat, make sure to copy that out of the meeting. Chat history in Google video calls is not saved.

To leave a Google video call 

  1. Move your mouse over the hangout so the control icons are revealed (try moving your mouse towards the top, center area of the hangout window if you are having any issue getting the control icons to show up).
  2. Press the red handset icon  Leave call icon.
  3. Alternately, you can just close the Google video call window by clicking on the X for that browser window.

Note: There are occasional issues with Google Hangouts where the video call will remain active even though both users have tried to exit the call following the steps above. If this happens, try logging out of Google on all devices. Clear you cache and cookies and log back in. 

Ending the video call

The last person to leave a Google video call officially ends the video call, whether that is the call originator or any other participant.

For additional help in using Google Hangouts, search the Google Hangouts Community forum for your specific issue.