Google Drive: Team Drive Renamed to shared drive

Managing file paths for Google shared drives files and folders

On May 31, 2019, Google is changing the name of Team Drives to Shared drives.

Accessing Google Drive via Web Browser

If you access Team Drives using a web browser, the only difference will be the name of the icon in the navigation sidebar.

the google drive navigation pane with the team drives highlighted.

Accessing Google Team Drive files from the desktop

If you have Google File Stream installed so that you can view and edit files in other computer applications (Word or Excel), your workflow would remain the same. However, if you have any aliases, or items in a Recent Files list, these would no longer work after the Team Drive name change. You can create new aliases to the files in shared drives.

Accessing Google Team Drive files from a script

If you are using Google File Stream and have an application or script that programmatically accesses files or folders within the Team Drive, the application or script will not be able to access the files or folders after May 31, 2019, until the application/script is updated with the new file path.

Google File Stream file paths

The generic file path for files in a Team Drive folder is:

Volumes -> GoogleDrive -> Team Drives ->path_to_file

After the name change, the file path will be:

Volumes -> GoogleDrive -> Shared drives -> path_to_file

The actual file path will be different based on your computing environment (operating system, applications, etc.).

If you are using the file path in an application or script, you will need to update it after the name change to reflect the newly named path.