Good Practices for Web Meetings

Good practice guidelines for all Participants

  • Make sure everyone can hear you.
    • Use a microphone when you speak.
    • Make sure the microphone is on and close enough to pick up your voice, no matter what location you are in.
    • Don't have side conversations.
  • Make sure everyone can see you (if cameras are being used).
    • Sit in good lighting.
    • Arrange yourself and the camera so you are fully visible.
  • Don't be distracting.
    • If you aren't talking, mute or turn off your microphone.
    • Avoid noisy activities like typing while your microphone is on.

Good practice guidelines for meeting Host

  • Poll the virtual room often.
    • Participants will need additional information to compensate for the lack of verbal or visual communication. If you are unable to use an actual polling form in your web conferencing tool, ask for explicit feedback from each participant/site as topics are discussed. This also ensures constant engagement in the meeting.
  • Use names frequently.
    • Help participants remember who is in attendance and assist participants with staying personally connected to the meeting.
  • Allow time for introductions or to re€establish relationships.
    • Ensure every site or person is welcomed into the meeting and has the opportunity to socially connect to the other participants.