Getting Assistance with Enterprise Data and Operational Systems

This article covers how to get assistance when incorporating Enterprise Data with operational systems.

If you have questions about how to use or integrate data that is stored in one or more of our Enterprise Systems one of the first areas to contact is the OIT Integration Team.

ASI has application and data architects, lead developers and analysts who specialize in systems integration. They can provide insights and advice on the current enterprise integration tools and techniques available to you.  They also look at the big picture and may be able to help you see how your needs fit into the broader landscape of the University.  Oftentimes a brief meeting or discussion can save you many weeks of frustration, helping to you be more successful with your effort to obtain, share or incorporate data across University systems.

For a list of individuals in the ASI group, view the Google Group:  OIT Architecture and Systems Integration.  Any one of them can be contacted directly, or you can ask Matt Nuttall [email protected], the ASI Line Manager, for advice on which individual can best answer your questions.

Last modified

May 12, 2020