FileMaker: Connect to HST FileMaker Server

This article outlines the process for connecting to the HST FileMaker Server.

Access Guides for Windows and Macs


  1. Launch the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Application
    • Windows: Select Start Menu > Cisco 
    • Mac: Select Finder Applications Cisco
  2. In the dropdown, select Split Tunnel - General Access VPN Pool and click Connect
    : The AHC01AHC01-VP002AHC05-VP001, and AHC07-VP001 Departmental Pools will also work

    anyconnect login split tunnel
  3. Sign in with your Internet ID (X.500) credentials

    anyconnect login screen
  4. Launch the FileMaker Pro application
    • Windows: Double click the shortcut on the desktop or navigate to Start Menu FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced
    • Mac: Select the icon on the Dock or navigate to Finder Applications FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced
  5. Select the Favorites node
  6. Click on Add App
  7. Select From Hosts...

    filemaker screen with favorites menu selected, add app is clicked showing a new menu
  8. If no hosts appear, click the (plus) button and add the following host:
    • Host's Internet Address:
    • Favorite Host's Name: HST FileMaker Server
      filemaker host details window
  9. If the host already exists or immediately or the following window appears after adding the host, Sign In to the FileMaker Server using your FileMaker credentials

    filemaker login
  10. Select he FileMaker database you would like to add as a favorite and click OK

    filemaker server select screen
  11. Repeat for any additional databases you would like to add as a favorite
  12. On the Favorites node, double-click the desired database and sign in with your FileMaker credentials

    database selection screen, sample highlighted
  13. Your database should open if login was successful

    database window
  14. Once you have finished working in FileMaker, disconnect Cisco VPN client to end your session
    anyconnect disconnect button