Extract Moodle Quiz Questions onto Repsondus Quiz Builder

The Respondus Quiz Builder application can interface with many learning management system (LMS) programs. You can retrieve or publish questions between Respondus and the LMS. Our guide is specifically designed for retrieving questions from our UMN Moodle LMS and publishing them to the UMN Canvas LMS. This article will deal with using Respondus Quiz Builder to connect to your Moodle courses and extract your quizzes or question banks. This will create RSP (Respondus) files that can than be published into your Canvas course sites.

If you have not requested access to the Respondus Quiz Tool site and installed the Quiz Builder application, see Install Responds 4.0.

Connecting to the Moodle server to retrieve questions.

  1. Open Respondus Quiz Builder and choose the Start tab.
  2. For Current Personality choose Moodle.
  3. Select the Retrieval tab.
  4. Click on Retrieve Questions. The Retrieve Questions Wizard window opens.

Adding a new server

  1. In the Retrieve Questions Wizard window choose add new server in the Moodle Server drop-down menu.
        The Add New Server Settings window will open.

Retrieve Moodle questions server options.

  1. Select No, I want to enter the server settings manually. 
  2. Then select Next.
        The Server Information window will open.

Configure my server settings.

  1. On the Moodle Server Information page enter the Moodle dashboard URL into #2. (https://ay17.moodle.umn.edu) 
  2. Click the Extract >> button (#3). The remaining server information should fill in.
  3. Create a name in the Description field to name the server. (e.g. Moodle 3.2 server).
  4. Then enter your FULL UMN email address [email protected] and UMN password.
        (Do not add d. r. crk. or morris before the umn.edu.)
  5. We recommend that you do not check the Remember my username and password checkbox for security and privacy reasons.
  6. Click on OKYour Moodle server connection is now complete.
    Choose your Moodle course and quizzes or question banks to import to Respondus Quiz Builder.

Moodle server settings completed


Use an existing server

If you have previously set up your Moodle server connection and are returning to Respondus Quiz Builder:

  1. Open Respondus Quiz Builder and choose the Start tab.
  2. For Current Personality choose Moodle.
  3. Select the Retrieval tab.
  4. Click on Retrieve QuestionsThe Retrieve Questions Wizard window opens.
  5. Choose the configured Moodle server (if not already visible.) Click on Next.

Moodle server pre-configured

  1. Enter your FULL email address [email protected] and UMN password. Respondus will attempt to connect with the Moodle server.


Choosing your Moodle course questions

  1. In the Retrieval Questions Wizard box, make a choice for Choose course to Retrieve from.
  2. Choose between selecting a Quiz or Question Category (Question Bank) in that course.
  3. Select your quiz or question bank from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter a name for the Respondus file that will be created. This will be saved as an .rsp extension file in your Respondus Project folder.
  5. Click the Next button to retrieve the questions.

IChoosing a Moodle course and quiz or question bank

  1. Click Finish when Respondus prompts you that the download is complete. File Saved window will appear.

The successful import of Moodle questions

Your next step is to review the quiz questions to confirm a good import of data from Moodle. Use the Respondus Preview & Publish tab > Preview choice to review the content you just imported.

Then proceed to Publish the Moodle questions from Respondus to Canvas.