EDMS: Download Reports for Printing or Offline Viewing

The following steps describe how users may download EDMS reports.

  1. From the EDMS toolbar click the download button. sys_attachment.do?sys_id=17042734dbd776806bb8785e0f961957The EDMS dialog box will pop-up.
  2. Indicate which part of the report you wish to download.
  3. Choose the file type you want from the drop€down list in the section "Download as:"..
  4. If it is a short report, you may want to uncheck the ZIP format.
  5. Click the Create button.sys_attachment.do?sys_id=f1442374dbd776806bb8785e0f96194c
  6. Depending on your browser, you may get options to Save or Open the document.  If you choose to Save it, you will find it in your Downloads folder.
  7. Open the document on your desktop and use your application's print functionality.