Duo: Request Access for Enterprise Applications that Require Duo Two Factor Authentication

Managers or supervisors with employees who have a business need to access databases and enterprise-level applications that use Duo must request access to those services (via an Access Request Form, or ARF).  When a faculty, staff, or student employee is granted access to a service that requires Duo two-factor authentication, they will be granted access to Duo.

Duo Security is required at the UMN Sign-in page (Shibboleth) for all current students, faculty, staff, sponsored and POI accounts.

Please note: Opting out of Duo is not possible once Duo has been associated with your account.

See Duo Security.

Request Access

  1. Fill out an Access Request Form (ARF) for the application you need access to.
    • Managers or supervisors will need to fill out the form on behalf of contractors with Sponsored Accounts.
      1. See Decide what device to enroll in Duo and follow the instructions linked in that resource for how to enroll your device.
  2. Contact your manager or supervisor for help in filling out any information on the form that you are unsure of.
  3. You will receive an email confirming the access was granted.

Additional Resources

Duo Self-Help Guide