Duo: Remove a Device

There are various scenarios where you may need to remove a device from your Duo page in Self-Service:

You will need to remove the device and then add a new device following the directions to Enroll a Smartphone or Tablet to use with the Duo Mobile App.
Please note: While it is possible to remove a device from your Duo Device list, it is not possible to remove your account from Duo after you have opted in.

Remove the device from your Self-Service page

  1. Navigate to my-account.umn.edu and sign in with your Internet ID and password, if prompted.
  2. Scroll down to located the Duo Security menu in the left navigation menu, then click on it to expand it.

    Left sidebar from my-account.umn.edu.  The self-service pane is active.  The DUO Security drop-down menu is expanded.

  3. Select Create or Manage Duo Account
    You must use Duo to verify that it's you before you can access the Self-Service area.
  4. Once you are in the Create or Manage area, select My Settings & Devices.
  5. Click the Device Options button next to the device you want to remove.

    This is the My Settings & Devices screen in Duo Self Service.  3 devices are registered.  "Device Options" is selected next to the 3rd device.

  6. Once the Device Options menu opens,
    click the maroon icon that looks like a garbage can.

    In the Device Options menu, the "trash" icon is selected next to the device that the user wants to remove.

  7. Confirm that you really want to remove this device.
  8. When your device has been removed, a green confirmation message
    appears at the bottom of the screen.

    A confirmation message at the bottom of the screen says "Successfully removed device".

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