Duo: Lost or Broken Hardware Token

Lost Hardware Token

Duo works with two types of tokens: U2F tokens (also referred to as 'security keys') and hardware tokens. This page describes what to do if your hardware token is lost or broken. 

A hardware token can only be used by the person they are assigned to, so you do not need to worry about someone else using it.

If you find a hardware token and cannot find the owner, please return it to your campus' Technology Help location

Broken Hardware Token

Before you dispose of your token, check if it is just out of sync.  You may be able to re-sync it by attempting to log in three times in a row, with a new code each time. If that still fails after the third attempt, contact Technology Help.

Why do tokens get out of sync?

The codes that tokens generate can become out of sync with the Duo authentication system. If you keep your token in a pocket or on a keyring - or if you have someone in your life who likes to press buttons - your token may get out of sync because

  • the button was pressed repeatedly over a short period of time
  • the token generated numbers that were not used
  • the token was not used for over a month
  • the battery is dying (token batteries generally last between 2 and 5 years)

If your token is truly out of commission, see Dispose of a Hardware Token.

Forgot Duo Hardware Token at Home

You may obtain temporary override codes to use for that day or add a secondary method by contacting Technology Help.

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