Duo: Log in with Hardware Token Passcodes

You can authenticate with Duo using two types of tokens: Hardware tokens (first and second images below) and security keys (also called 'U2F tokens', third image below).

OTP hardware token image
U2F token aka. security key

This page describes the authentication process when using a hardware token. For more information about U2F tokens, see Hardware and Security Key (U2F) Tokens.

Getting a hardware token

  • To request a token, visit a walk-in location.  You can call 1-HELP (612-301-4537) to also request a hardware token and verify your identity via video.  You will need to have a government-issued photo ID with you so that your identity can be verified.
  • We recommend requesting a token only if you have a business need, or if you cannot use Duo on other devices. 
    Decide What Devices to Enroll in Duo
  • Each hardware token is tied to one user. The passcodes generated by that token can only be used by that user. 
  • Tokens are free of charge.

Using a hardware token-generated passcode

  1. Navigate to the service you need to access. A UMN Sign In page opens.
  2. Sign in as usual.

    standard log in screen
  3. Press the button on your hardware token to generate a new passcode.
  4. On the next screen, you will be prompted with Duo options.
    Choose Enter a Passcode. 
    DUO Authentication Screen with an arrow pointing to "Enter a passcode"
  5. Enter the code from your hardware token.


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