Duo: Hardware and Security Key (U2F) Tokens

There are two kinds of tokens that you can use as your Duo device:

  • hardware tokens 
  • security keys (also referred to as U2F tokens).

Hardware tokens

General Information

Duo hardware tokens are small fobs that generate passcodes for Duo access.

duo token fob An OTP (one-time password) token

  • Each hardware token is tied to one user. The passcodes generated by that token can only be used by that user. 
  • We recommend requesting a token only if you have a business need, or if you cannot use Duo on other devices. 
    Decide What Devices to Enroll in Duo

    How to Request a Token

  • To request a token, visit a walk-in location : PLEASE BRING IDENTIFICATION with you (Ucard or other)
  • You can also request a hardware token and verify your identity via video; call 1-HELP (612-301-4357) to start the process. IT will ship tokens to domestic addresses
  • For international shipping:
    • China: Please contact Technology Help; call 1-HELP (612-301-4357) to start the process
    • Other locations: Please obtain your departmental supervisor's approval, and send this to OIT. OIT will send the token to your departmental supervisor, who will be responsible for mailing it internationally. International students should purchase a U2F token or use another option
  • Tokens are free of charge
  • If your Token dies or breaks, you may bring it to a walk-in for an exchange

Security Key (U2F) tokens

Security Keys (also called 'Universal Two-Factor' or 'U2F') tokens also generate passcodes for Duo access.

A U2F token is inserted into a USB drive.  It is flashing green to show that the user can safely authenticate.  The user is about to push the flashing green button in order to authenticate.

  • The University of Minnesota currently supports Security Key tokens (U2F) with the Chrome browser only.
  • You must provide your own Security Key (U2F token).   There is no charge for using Security Keys (U2F tokens), aside from the cost of the token itself.

Setting up your Security Key

  1. Log in to my-account.umn.edu (you may need to authenticate your identity first using another Duo device).
  2. Open the Duo menu in the left sidebar.

    The DUO Security menu in the Self Service sidebar on my-account.umn.edu .
  3. Choose Create or manage Duo account.  
    You will now be in the Duo Device Management Portal.
  4. Follow these instructions.

Additional Resources

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