Duo: Dispose of a Hardware Token

Duo hardware tokens are small fobs that generate passcodes and are used as part of two-factor authentication sign-in at the University. Hardware tokens are different from Security Keys (also referred to as 'U2F tokens') which users can provide for themselves.

Duo hardware token

OTP Hardware Token Image

If a staff member leaves the university or a hardware token is defective, the token should be returned to Technology Help.

Returning a Duo hardware token

  • Mail the token to: Technology Help, 2218 University Av SE Mail Code: 2171A, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Include a note with the user's name, Internet ID, and whether the token is defective or the user has terminated from the U.
  • Alternatively, feel free to drop the token off at any Technology Help walk-in location on your campus 

Service Desk will then unlink the Duo token from the user and re-use the token or recycle it if defective.

Disposing of an MKey hardware token

MKey is an older form of two-factor authentication that has been phased out at the University.

MKey device

  • MKey hardware tokens can be recycled in a battery recycling bin as the hardware token's battery contains elements that should not be thrown in the trash.

Additional Information