Duo: Add a Landline Authentication Method

If you set your Duo authentication through your mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet), you are encouraged to add a backup telephone number to your Duo authentication options in case you forget your mobile device. A landline in your office can be a good choice; if you are adding a Google Voice number as your secondary telephone number, the process is the same as adding a landline.

Note: University accounts created after March 2019 are ineligible for Google Voice.

There are two options for adding landlines.

Add a Landline Phone from the My-Account page

  1. Navigate to my-account.umn.edu and sign in with your UMN internet ID (x500) and password.
  2. In the Self-Service menu on the left side of the page, click on Duo Security to expand the menu.

    The Self-Service pane of my-account.umn.edu.  The DUO Security menu is expanded.

  3. Click Create or Manage Duo Account.
    1. If this is the first device you are activating, you will see a welcome screen. Click Start Setup.
    2. If this is not your first device, authenticate with Duo and then click Add a new device.
  4. Choose landline.

Enter your phone number, confirm it is correct, and then click Continue. Your landline will now be listed as a Duo device.

See Use a Landline to Authenticate for instructions on how to use this method of authentication.

Add a Landline Phone from the Duo Authentication Screen

From the Duo Authentication screen (Note: you will see this screen anytime you are prompted to verify your identity with Duo, i.e., following the UMN Sign-in screen. If you have enabled the "Remember me for 7 days" setting, you can click cancel to return to the Duo authentication screen.

  1. Select Add a new device from the left menu in the Duo Authentication box.
    Duo authentication screen with the add a new device menu item circled
  2. Authenticate with Duo using on of your other devices to ensure that it's really you adding a device.
    Add a new device screen displays the authentication device options
  3. Choose landline from the list of device options 
    From the list of devices, landline is selected
  4. Enter your landline number and confirm it is correct.
  5. The device you added will appear in your list of Duo-enrolled devices, and you may begin to use it to verify your identity.
    The My Settings and Device list shows all devices you've enrolled in Duo Security