Drupal Lite 7: Use the Image Slider

The Slider Image content type is for setting up images to be used in a rotating slider. There is a tool available for adding the image slider(s) to another page.  This module is not enabled by default in Drupal Lite.  If you would like to use this feature, please submit Drupal Support Request form to request that the Image Slider module be enabled on your Drupal Lite site.  

NOTE: Each Slider image you create will be a single cell in the image slider you create. If multiple images are entered into one slider image, then all images will display at the same time. Create a new page of the slider image content type for each slide you would like to cycle through.

Using the Image Slider

  1. Log in to your site.
  2. Click Menu in the administration bar at the top.
  3. Click Add Content.
  4. Click Slider Image.
  5. Complete the form (see information below about the fields).
  6. Find the page where you want to add the slider.
  7. Click the Customize This Page button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Click the Add New Pane button in any of the regions (the regions are denoted with blue boxes).
  9. From the sidebar, select UMN Widgets.
  10. Select View: Image slider.
  11. Enter the tag you want to filter by. If no tag is entered, all slider images will be displayed.
  12. When finished, click Save.

Default fields

  • Title: This is the title that displays when viewing your site's content by clicking List Content from the administrative menu.
  • Body:
    Note: This field does not display on the built-in View: Image slider
  • Slider image
    • File: Upload the image to be used or select it from your site files if the image has already been uploaded to your site.
    • Alternate text: Used by screen readers to describe what is being depicted in the image
    • Title: The text that will display when a site visitor hovers the mouse over the image.
  • Slider link
    • Title: The text that will display for the link.
    • URL: The destination of the link.
  • Image tag: Words or phrases that you can use to group images of a similar theme. If the tag has been used before, it will autocomplete once you start typing.
    Enter tags as comma separated values. The tags will not appear on the published page, but can be used to create filtered sliders on individual pages.

Additional information

For information on writing alternate (alt) text, please visit the Accessible U information about images.