Drupal Lite 7: Use the administration toolbar

When you are logged in to your site, you will see the administration toolbar at the top of screen. The administration toolbar has the following three buttons:




This is the primary option you will use in the toolbar. Click Menu and a sub-menu of administrative tasks will appear.

Site Owner Menu

This is the Menu for a user that has the Site Owner role


  • Add Content - Displays a list of the different types of pages you can create
  • List Content - Displays a list of all of the pages or files on your site
  • Main Menu - A tool for managing the items in the main navigation menu of your website
  • Manage Tags - A tool for managing the tags used on the content of your website
  • Manage People - A tool for managing the people that can log in to your website (site owners, content contributors)
  • Custom Settings - A tool for managing the site-wide settings for your website
  • Get Help - A link to the Drupal Lite Self-Help Guide

Contributor Menu

The Contributor role has access to a subset of tools.

the contributor menu


The shortcuts menu option provides a way to quickly access various administrative tasks in Drupal. Since every action can be accessed via the Menu button, the shortcuts item has little use in Drupal Lite.

 the shortcuts menu


Your Internet ID. Shown as "traina10" in the example above. There are two options for this menu item: View profile and Log out. The View Profile tool is a component of Core Drupal. It has no functionality in the University's Drupal Lite.

the profile menu