Drupal Lite 7: Set your site's home page

When your site is created, it has a default homepage. But you can set any page to be your site's home page.

Step 1: Create your home page

Before you set your site's home page, you will need to create a page. A common format used for a home page is the General content type. Follow the instructions for creating a new General page.

Step 2: Get the relative URL of your home page

Once you've created your home page, note the relative portion of the URL -- the portion that appears after the site URL.

For example, if the page has a URL of <<sitename>>.umn.edu/my-new-homepage, then the relative portion is my-new-homepage.

Step 3: Set the home page

  1. Log in to your site
  2. Click Menu in the administration toolbar
  3. Click Custom Settings
  4. Click Home page settings in the left-side tabs
  5. Enter the relative portion of the page that will be the home page
  6. Click Save
setting the home page