Drupal Lite 7: Rearrange Menu Items

This article applies to sites that are using Drupal Lite 7.

Your site's menu will appear at the top of every page, below the site header. When a page is added to the menu, you can choose to have it appear at the top level in the menu bar, or you can have the page appear in a sub-menu off of the main menu. Either way, you can easily rearrange items in the menu or add new pages to the menu.


  1. Log in to your site
  2. Click Menu in the administration bar at the top of the window
  3. Click Main Menu in the sub-menu of the administration bar
  4. Use the four-headed arrow button the move arrow to drag the menu item to its new location
    1. To make a page a sub-page, drag the four-headed arrow to the right
  5. When you are done rearranging the menu items, click Save

Note: the ability to edit the menu -- add items, rearrange items, etc. -- is dependent on the role. If you do not get the options, please contact your site owner.

levels of the menu                          Main%20Nav%20Menu.pngx