Drupal Lite 7: Re-Using Media/Files

Whenever you upload files in Drupal Light, they are stored in the Files directory on the server. Instead of uploading multiple copies of a file, you can "re-use" the file in the new instance. For example, you might have a profile picture on a biography page, and want the same picture to appear in a news article.

When you are in the Add Media dialog, click on the Library tab. All of your site's media (images, documents, pdfs, etc.) are listed. Use the filters at the top to narrow the list of items. Be sure to click the Apply button after entering the filter criteria.

In the image below, the list of files is filtered to only display images with "shot" in the title, and the results are sorted by the number of times the file is used on the site.

the library tab of the add media tool


  1. In the Add Media tool, click the Library tab
  2. Use the filters at the top to narrow the number of items
    1. Click the Apply button if you are using the filters
  3. Click on the Image you want to use
  4. Click Submit
  5. Change the Alt Text and/or Title Text if desired
  6. Click Submit

Note on Images

If you are re-using an image, after selecting the file and clicking submit, the options palette will be displayed. The Alt Text will have the original text from when the image was initially uploaded. If you need to have different Alt Text for this use of the image, you can change it. By changing the Alt Text in this use, you are not changing the Alt Text in the other location.