Drupal Lite 7: Move a Content Pane

All content that appears in the main body of a page can be moved around (the main body is the area between the navigation menu at the top and the footer at the bottom).

To move content panes

  1. Click Customize this page
  2. Using the move button the move arrow that appears at the top of the content pane, drag to the new location
    1. The new location will be indicated with a yellow box
  3. Click Save when you are finished moving content panes

The images below illustrate:

  1. The original configuration of the content on the page
  2. The content pane from the right sidebar being moved to the left region
  3. The new configuration of the content on the page

content side by side

"Did you know..." content in right sidebar

moving the content

The "Did you know..." being moved to the new location (indicated by yellow)

new layout of content

The "Did you know..." content in it's new location. Notice that in the left sidebar, the "On this day..." content automatically moved up to the top of the sidebar.