Drupal Lite 7: Log in to your site

These instructions are for sites that are using the Drupal Lite 7 platform.

To log in to your site

  1. Use the URL [yoursitename].umn.edu/login (where "yoursitename" is the name of your site)
    1. Note: if your site is still under development, and hasn't been made public, you may need to add DL to the URL -- [yoursitename].dl.umn.edu/login
    2. Note: some sites may have been implemented with a different authentication module. If the above login URL doesn't work, use SAML login -- [yoursitename].umn.edu/saml_login
  2. Enter your University of Minnesota Internet ID and password
  3. You will then be returned to your site and you should see the administration toolbar at the top of the page

The administration toolbar will be collapsed. Click MENU to expand.

the administration toolbar showing Menu Shortcuts and Username

Based on your role in the site, you will have different menu options.

Here is the default menu for the Content Contributor role:

the contributor menu: add content, list content, main menu, get help

Here is the default menu for the Site Owner role:

the site owner menu: add content, edit content, main menu, manage tags, manage people, custom settings, get help

For more information about using the Administration menu, please see the Knowledge Base article Drupal Lite: Use the Administration Toolbar

Note: By default, only the original requestor will be able to log in to the site. If you need to provide access to other people, please see the article Add People to Your Site