Drupal Lite 7: Link to Pages on Your Site (Internal Hyperlinks)

Internal hyperlinks are links within your site-- for example, from a project page to a researcher's biography page. The link tool will create relative references for the links. The primary benefit is that the link will be accurate even if the page title or URL changes.

The default behavior is to open links in the same window. You can change the behavior of the link using the Target option.

Please refer to the AccessibleU website for proper methods to make accessible hyperlinks.


  1. Select the text you would like to be a hyperlink
  2. Click the link button on the editing toolbar the link button on the toolbar
  3. Select the Link Info tab
    1. Select Internal Link as the Link Type
    2. Start typing the title of the page on your site. The auto-complete list will display a list of all content (pages and files) that contain the characters in their title
    3. the internal hyperlink dialog box
    4. Click on the item from the list
  4. Select the Target tab and choose the Target for your link. The target specifies where the link opens: same window, new window, etc.
  5. Click OK