Drupal Lite 7: Find, Edit or Delete Files

You might have a need to add an image, a PDF document, an Office document, or some other type of file to a page on your site. When you add the file, it is uploaded to your site's files folder. You can easily find and view these files using the list content tool. When you have found a file, you can see a list of all of the pages on which it appears.


  1. Log in to your site
  2. Click Menu in the Administration Toolbar
  3. Click List Content in the submenu of the Administration Toolbar
  4. Click the Files tab at the top right of the table
  5. All of the files on your site will be listed in the table
  6. Click the column headers to sort the table. Click the column header a second time to sort in reverse order

When you have located the content

  • Click the Title of the file in the first column to view it
  • Click Edit in the Operations column to edit it. You can edit the file name, the Alt Text, the Title Text, or replace the file with a new version. On the Usage tab, you can see a list of all pages where the file appears.
  • Click Delete in the Operations column to delete it (you will be prompted to confirm the deletion)