Drupal Lite 7: Create Panel Choice for a Content Type

There may be pages on your site that have similar fields, but you want to have different layouts. For example, in the Drupal Lite training site, the Launch pages (Explore, Connect, Learn) have the same fields as the General Page content type (Title, Banner Image, Body).

Instead of creating a new content type for the Launch pages, you can use Panel Choice on the General Page content type. The content contributor can then choose the proper layout for the content they are creating: the Default layout for generic pages; the Launch layout for the launch pages. Below are two pages, both using the General Page content type:

This page is using the Default layout

the default layout

This page is using the new Launch Page layout (see instructions below)

the launch layout

Create a New Panel Choice

Enable Multiple Panels for a Content Type

  1. Log in to your site.
  2. Select Custom Settings in the administration menu bar at the top.
  3. Select Advanced in the sidebar.
  4. Select Manage Content Types.
  5. Select Edit for the Content Type that you want to edit.
    • In this article, the General Page is selected.
  6. Select Panelizer at the very bottom of the operations in the left sidebar.
  7. Click the checkbox for Full page override.
    • More options will be presented for the full page override.
      1. Click the checkbox for Provide and initial display named "Default".
      2. Click the checkbox for Allow per-record display choice.
        the options in the panelizer section on the edit tab
  8. In the Default section, make sure that Provide an initial display named "Default" is checked.
    the default options in the panelizer tab.
  9. Click Save Content Type at the bottom.

You will be kicked back out to the Manage Content Types window.

Create and configure a new panel for the content type


  1. Click Edit for the Content Type you are editing.
  2. Click Panelizer in the top left.
  3. Click Full Page Override.
  4. Click Add in the top left.
    the add button to create a new full page override panel.
  5. Give your new panel an Administrative Title.
  6. Click Save.
    the administrative title field when creating a new panel
  7. Click the Layout tab at the top.
    1. Select a layout for the new panel (make sure you are choosing from the Radix category)
      choose a radix layout
    2. Click Continue
    3. On the layout change confirmation screen, click Save
  8. On the Content tab, arrange the fields in the regions. Refer to the knowledge base articles:
  9. Click Save

The Full Page Override selector will appear on the Edit screen of any new or previously created content of that type:

the full page override panel select option when editing content