Drupal Lite 7: Create a News/Blog page

The News/Blog content type is used to post news articles to your site.


To create a new News/Blog page

  1. Log in to your site
  2. Click Menu in the administration bar at the top
  3. Click Add Content
  4. Click News/Blog
  5. Complete the form
  6. Click Save

Default Fields

  • Title (required)
  • Body
  • Tags. These are used to categorize content. The primary use of tags is in conjunction with UMN Widgets
  • Publish Date (this is the date that will appear in the byline of the article just below the title)

Additional Options (right side of window)

Menu Options

If you want the page to appear in the navigational menu.

  1. Check the Provide a menu link box.
  2. Provide a Link Title.
  3. Use the Parent selector to choose where you want the link to be. Select <Main menu> if you want it to appear in the primary site navigation menu. Select any of the other pages as a  parent if you want this page to appear in a secondary menu drop-down.

Publishing Options

The publishing options are available to people with the Site Owner role. For the contributor role, any content is automatically published.

  • Uncheck the Published box in the right sidebar if you do not want the page published.
  • Check the Create new revision box if you want a new version of this page. When creating a new page, there is no utility with this tool. Usually, a new revision would be created if the content is being edited in the future.

Authoring Information

The Author, Date, and Time will be automatically populated when the new content is saved.

Default URL for this content type:

The default URL for a News/Blog page is based on the Title. The Title will be de-capitalized, spaces will be hyphenated, and small common words will be removed. For example, if a News/Blog page has a title of "Important Information and Updates", the URL would be: <<sitename>>.umn.edu/news/important-information-updates 

Default Page Layout:


Publish Date