Drupal Lite 7: Change the Page Layout for a Page

Each content type has a default page layout. Each page's layout can be overridden to fit your needs.


  1. Log in to your site
  2. Find the page you wish to change
  3. Click the Change Layout button at the bottom of the screen
     the change layout button
  4. Select the new layout from the options presented
    the options for different page layouts
  5. Click Save

Additional Information About Panes

Drupal Lite uses the Panes modules for page layouts. All content that appears on the page is actually contained in Content Panes. When you are changing the layout of a page, the system will make a "best guess" as to where the panes should appear. If you're familiar with the interface, you can drag-and-drop a pane from one region to another.

After selecting a page layout, I find it far easier to use the Customize This Page tool to rearrange the content in the regions. See more information about the Customize This Page tool.

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