Drupal Lite 7: Add Rotating Images to a Page


In Drupal Lite, if mulitiple images are added to the Banner, they will automatically be displayed as rotating images. The first image will be displayed for a few seconds, and then switch to the next image. The images will keep changing every few seconds. On the edges of the image, small arrows allow the viewer to change the image.

image with arrow navigation buttons

Note: other content types do not have the ability to display rotating images.


  1. Locate the page that you want to have rotating images. Click Edit
    1. The page's type must be General Page
      the list content table with a general page highlighted
  2. In the Banner Image section, add your images
  3. Click Save when you are finished adding the images

Additional Information

 The Banner Image element will fill the width of its region. The default page layout for a General Page content type is a single region. This means that the image will fill the width of the page:

 single column layout

If you change the layout of the page, you can place the rotating banner image into a smaller region. The image below shows a page with 2 column layout. The banner image automatically resizes to fit the width of the region.

two column banner image layout