Drupal Lite 7: Add a New Field to an Existing Content Type

When working with fields, it is always preferable to reuse existing fields than to create new fields. Only create a new field when no existing field will meet your needs.

This is the third of ten tasks in Creating a New Content Type.

Additionally, your role in Drupal may not have the proper permissions to complete the task. Contact your site administrator for additional information.


  1. Click Menu in the Administrator toolbar.
  2. Click Custom Settings in the Menu bar.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Click Manage Content Types.
    Link to Manage Content Types under the Advanced tab
  5. Click edit in the Operations column next to the content type you want to edit.
    Edit link to update an existing content type
  6. Click the Manage Fields tab.
    Manage Fields tab between the Edit and Manage Display tabs
  7. Enter label text in the Label field in the Add New Field column.
    Field for a label for a new contributor field
  8. Select the kind of information you want this field to collect in the Field Type drop-down menu.
    Field Type dropdown for a new contributor field
  9. Select the input method you want for this field in the Widget drop-down menu, if appropriate.
    Widget dropdown for a new contributor field
  10. Click Save.
    • Depending on your selections, you will have additional options for the field. Make sure to complete all required fields.
  11. Click Save settings after configuring any additional options for the new field.
  12. Repeat steps 7 through 11 for each existing field you wish to add to the content type.

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