Drupal Lite 7: Add an Additional Content Pane to a Page

Each content type has default content and layout. You can easily add additional content to a page by adding additional panes. Please refer to the article about the types of content that can be added.

There are various reasons why additional content panes would be added to a page.

In the screenshot below, the three panes have different styles and different theme colors applied:

different themes and styles on panes

In the screenshot below, a Google Maps widget was added and a text box with more information:

added widgets in a pane in drupal lite


  1. Log in to your site
  2. Find the page you want to edit
  3. Click the Customize This Page button at the bottom of the screen. the customize this page button
  4. Click the Add New Pane button Add%20Pane%20Button.pngx in any of the regions (the regions are denoted with blue boxes)
  5. Select the type of content you want to add. 
    1. The panel is divided in two sections: the upper items are elements that already exist in Drupal, the lower items are elements that you will create.
    2. Please refer to the article on the Types of Content that can be Added to a Page
  6. Depending on your choice of elements, there will be configuration options. When you are finished configuring the item, click Save.

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