Drupal Lite 7: Add Additional Content to a Page -- Types of Drupal content that can be added

Each content type has default content and layout. You can easily add additional content to a page. The Add Content dialog box has content options listed on the left side that are broken into two categories. This article describes the types of Drupal content that can be added.


(note: sites may have different types of content available. Below are descriptions of the default options. If you see other items in your site, contact your site administrator for information.)


This category will include already existing blocks, such as the social media block. The social media block will place widgets on the page so your visitors can easily share the content on their social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn)


This category will put an external news feed on the page. You need to define the feed aggregator first. Please refer to the article Drupal Lite: Define a New Feed

Page Content

This category is the same as Blocks

Reusable Content

When you create new content from one of the "add€¦" items in the lower section, there's a checkbox to make the content reusable. For example, you might choose to "add map" that has your location and want to reuse it on multiple pages on your site. This category will include the list of those items you've checked as being reusable.

Note: The Reusable Content category will not be listed until you have created your first reusable content.

UMN Widgets

These are pre-configured lists of different types of content from your site. There are lists for Biographies, News/Blog, and Sessions. After selecting one of the items in this category, there are settings for the display of the lists: Title, number of items, etc.

From the UMN Widgets Category, there are a number of different views from which you can choose:

  • All content of a certain type (i.e., all biographies, all news items, etc.)
  • Only certain content of a type that have a tag applied (i.e., all biographies that are tagged as "Writer")

If you choose one of the items that allow for filtering by tags, the ensuing screen will allow you to choose which tag to apply.

Below is how the view of Famous Writers would appear in a narrow sidebar on the page.

Additional Information

Add Additional Content to a Page -- Types of New content that can be added