Drupal Lite 7: Add Additional Content - Types of new content that can be added

Each content type has default content and a default layout. You can easily add additional content to a page. The Add Content dialog box has types of content listed on the left side that are broken into two categories. This article describes the types of New content that can be added.

Note: For each of the items below, there will be a checkbox labeled Make This Reusable. If checked, then the item will appear in the Reusable Content section in the top of the window.

the list of types of content that can be added to a page.

Add links

Creates a pane that contains a list of hyperlinks. Each item contains a Title (the text that is displayed) and a URL (the hyperlink itself). Create lists of links by clicking the "Add another item" button to add a new link to your list. Link lists are displayed as bulleted lists.

Add file

Creates a pane that will include a file that you upload. Files must be PDF or TXT only. You can add some descriptive text to the pane to provide some context for the file attachment. The text is displayed above the file attachment in the pane. The file will be linked to using the file name and will also contain a small file-type icon.

Add image

Creates a pane that contains an image. The image size will be dependent on where the pane is placed in the page layout. Images may also contain a caption that will be displayed beneath the image in the pane. This is a good use of image placement on a page should you choose not to insert the image into the body.

Add text

Creates a pane with text. The text may be formatted. If you are creating a block of text that you would like to use on other pages, be sure to check the "Make this reusable" checkbox.

Add map

Creates a pane that includes a Google map of an address you enter. You may also enter additional information about the address that will display beneath the map. Like images, maps will be the size of the pane region you create them in. The address you enter is not displayed. Be sure to use the "Information" field to add the address if you want it displayed.

Add table

Creates a pane that contains a table. The first row will appear as the table header. Leave the first row blank if you do not need a header. Use the "change number of rows/columns" fields to build the table size you need.

Add video

Creates a pane that contains an embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo (depending on which Media support modules you have installed). A URL is sufficient. As with other panes, the size of the video will be determined by the size of the pane region you create the video in.

Add iFrame

Creates a pane that is an iFrame. Used to "pull" content from another site and display it on your page. A common use is to display a Google Calendar. If you are embedding a Google Calendar, use the HTML url.

Add submenu

Creates a pane that contains any submenu used on your site. Select the starting level, or by the parent item.

Add content list

Creates a pane that contains a dynamically generated list of content based on certain criteria. You may filter the list by content type (events, blogs, etc) as well as vocabulary terms (when referenced in the selected content type). This feature is similar to the Recent Content block, but allows for more selection criteria.

Add content item

Creates a pane that contains existing content. This content can be any content on the site and is found by typing the page title in the "Piece of Content" autocomplete field. Pane content that was marked as reusable may also be found here.

Additional Information

Add Additional Content to a Page -- Types of Drupal content that can be added