Drupal Enterprise 8, 9: Launch Process for Production Site

This article applies to all Drupal 8/9 sites with a development environment preparing to launch a production environment and go live. 

Step 1 - If the production site is using any non-umn.edu domains 

If your production site is not using umn.edu domain ( .com, .org, .net, etc.), you need to make sure that the Domain Control Validation is completed for each non-umn.edu domain. Email [email protected] to initiate this process.

Step 2 - Required - Merge code into production branch

If you have a Github repository for your site with any custom/contributed code, you need to make sure that the latest changes have been merged into your production branch prior to the launch date. Refer to your Drupal Management site page to determine which branch to merge your code into. Edit this field if needed.

  1. Open the Drupal Management site. A table containing all sites you own is displayed.
  2. Select the Site Name you are working with. The site details page is displayed.
  3. Scroll down to the Repository Information section.
    • The Production Branch is where you should merge the code.
    • The Production Branch name should be correct.
    • To edit the Production Branch name
      1. Select Edit at the top of the page. The Edit Sites page is displayed.
      2. Enter the new name in the Production Branch field
      3. Select Save at the bottom of the page. The Edit Sites page closes, and the site information page is displayed.

IMPORTANT: Make sure there are no typos or extra spaces at the end of the branch names as it will break code deployments for all sites within that environment.

Step 3 - Required - Submit a Drupal Support Request Form

IMPORTANT: So that we have enough time to complete the prep work in advance and fit your launch into our schedule, please submit this form at least 5 business days prior to your targeted launch date. 7-10 days notice is preferred. If you do not submit your request with enough notice, we may not be able to meet your requested deadline.

Fill out the Drupal Support Request Form and select Set up Production Environment ("Go-Live", specify requested date/time in addtl information section)

If your production site will have multiple domains, list them in the additional information section and indicate the primary domain. 

We will set up production and stage environments for your site and copy the database and files from your dev environment. We will also deploy the code from your site repository for the branch that is tied to your production environment.

Optional: Soft Launch for an existing site

If your site already exists, we typically setup the production environment to use a temporary .prd domain initially so that you can look the site over before we cutover your live domains. You can then make any final tweaks/have content contributors add additional content in the production environment prior to the launch date. If you have a use case where you need more than 2 weeks once we have the prod environment setup before you will be ready to cutover your live domains, we will close the existing ticket after setting up the production environment. You can then submit a new request closer to your cutover date for the Go Live. If you would like to skip the soft launch step to expedite the launch process, let us know.