Drupal Enterprise 7: Understand Page Versioning

The following instructions are for websites using the default UMN Drupal Enterprise 7 configuration.


In the University's standard Drupal 7 installation, content versioning is on by default. Every time content is saved, a new version is created. You can view the history of a piece of content by clicking on the Revisions tab.
On the Revisions tab, there will be an entry for each time the content was saved.
The current, published version will be highlighted in green.

Revisions tab showing published version in green

The current published version may not be the most recent version. In the following example, the current, published version is a step back, since the editor is working on updating the course description for the upcoming semester.

Revisions tab showing green published version

The revisions tab will display every version of the content.

  • To view the version, click the title.
  • To delete a version, click the corresponding Delete link for the version.
  • To edit a version, click the corresponding Edit link for the version. For more information on editing previous versions and reverting versions, please see the article Reverting to a Previous Page Version.