Drupal Enterprise 7: Setting Up Primary Navigation Dropdowns

This article contains instructions for using the Superfish and Block modules to create Navigation menus in Drupal 7 Enterprise.

  1. Enable Superfish and Block modules
    1. See How to Turn On a Disabled Module.
  2. Disable Responsive Menus module.
  3. Configure the Superfish block
    1. go to Structure->Blocks and click configure for Superfish 1, 2, 3 or 4
    2. under Menu parent select the menu you want displayed using superfish
    3. Uncheck Drop shadows and Add arrows to parent menus
    4. Make sure Style is set to None
    5. Save block
  4. To use Superfish for all pages update the site_template to use the Superfish block
    1. Go to Structure > Pages and click Edit for the site_template.
    2. on the left, under Variants, expand Groups Default if you are using Organic groups, otherwise expand Site Wide Default
    3. Click Content
    4. Click wheel on the left side of the Menu region.
    5. Click Add Content.
    6. Under Blocks, find the Superfish block you configured and Add it.
    7. Check Override title
    8. click Add
  5. To use Superfish on just one page
    1. Edit Draft -> Panelizer -> Full page override -> content
    2. continue with steps d-h from #4 and then on to #6
  6. Select the primary_navigation_superfish plugin for the Superfish block
    1. Click on the wheel on the right side of the Superfish pane
    2. Under Style click Change
    3. Check Primary Navigation for Superfish
  7. Disable the Level One Menu Block pane.
    1. Click on the wheel on the right side of the Level One Menu Block pane
    2. Click Disable this pane
    3. Update and save