Drupal Enterprise 7: Logging in to Your Local DE7 Site

When developing Drupal sites locally, you might need to log in to the local site. The following instructions are for websites using the default UMN Drupal Enterprise 7 configuration.


If you've just installed the local Drupal site, or if you've just replaced the database, you will need to generate a one-time use login.

  1. Launch Acquia Dev Desktop.
  2. Open the Drush Console.
  3. Run the command:
    • drush uli
  4. Copy everything after http://default
  5. Return to Acquia Dev Desktop.
  6. Click the link for the local site.
  7. Paste the text from step three to the end of the URL.

You will be logged in to the local Drupal site. Edit the user profile to set a password for the account. Make a note of the username.

To Login to the Site in the Future

  1. Launch Acquia Dev Desktop
  2. Click the link for the local site
  3. Append /user/login