Drupal Enterprise 7, Lite 7: Upload an Image Using the Media Module

The steps outlined in this article apply to both the University's standard Drupal Enterprise 7 configuration and the University's Drupal Lite 7 configuration.


You can add images to rich text fields by using the Add Media button, the last button on the right on the editing toolbar. Drupal supports the standard image filetypes (jpg, jpeg, gif, png), and has a maximum file size of 256MB for uploaded images.
There are three uses for the Add Media tool:

  • Upload an image from your computer to Drupal
  • Link to an image on another website
  • Link to an image on your website (cf. re-use an image using the media module)


These instructions are for the default media module in Drupal 7 Enterprise installation. Your site administrator may have changed the default behavior for images. If the instructions don't match your site, please contact the site's administrator.

To upload an image from your computer:

  1. Place your cursor in the rich text field where you wish to insert the image
  2. Click the Add Media button on the toolbar
  3. Click the Upload tab in the pop-up window
  4. Click the Choose File button
  5. Navigate to the image on your computer and click Choose or Select
  6. Click the Upload button. Drupal will verify that the file meets the requirements for size and file type
  7. Click the Next button
  8. Enter the required Alt Text. The Alt text should be a clear, complete and concise description of the image. For more information about Alt text, please see the AccessibleU page on properly using ALT text with images
  9. The other fields (Title Text, Description, Tags, etc.) can be filled out, but are not required.
  10. Click Save
  11. On the Options panel, choose a Display size.
  12. Click Submit

After embedding a image, if you want to edit the display size settings, select the image placeholder and click the Add Media button to return to step 11.

Additional Information

Images uploaded using the Media Module are stored in your Drupal site. This means that you can link to the Image on other pages. You can also update the Image if a new version is needed.