Drupal Enterprise 7, Lite 7: Understanding Site Owner Role

A site owner is a defined role in Drupal Enterprise and Drupal Lite. In the University's standard Drupal installation, the site owner is responsible for most of the site's framework and functionality, the presentation of content, as well as administrative duties such as user maintenance and site performance.

The Site Builder has several tools at their disposal:

  • Defining Content Types (creating the content forms that the contributors will use)
  • Taxonomy (the vocabularies that are used to organize and classify content)
  • User Management (assigning roles to other users and defining permissions)
  • Views (creating automated lists of content)
  • Panelizer (displaying content)

For more information on the Site Builder role, please see the Drupal Lite: Administering a Drupal Lite Website self-help guide and the course DRP102 - Creating a Drupal Lite Website

For a list of Drupal Lite roles, please see the article Drupal Lite: User Roles