Drupal Enterprise 7, Lite 7: Hot Link an Image Using the Media Module

The following instructions are for websites using the default UMN Drupal Enterprise 7 configuration.


If an image appears on another website, and you want to embed it in a rich text field, you can use the Media Module. (This is often termed "hot-linking images")


To hot-link an image

  1. Place your cursor in the rich text field where you want to place the image
  2. Click the Add Media button on the editing toolbar
  3. Click the WEB tab
  4. Paste the fully qualified URL for the image ("fully qualified" meaning http://€¦)
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter Alt Text for the image. The Alt text should be a clear, complete and concise description of the image. For more information about Alt text, please refer to the AccessibleU page on using proper ALT text with images
  7. Click Save
  8. Choose a size for the Display As option.
  9. Click Submit