Drupal Enterprise 7: How to Log In to Your Site

This article applies to Drupal Enterprise 7.


In the University's standard Enterprise Drupal installation, you can log in to your Drupal site by appending "/saml_login" to the end of your site's domain. For example, if your site was:

the url bar showing http://department.umn.edu

you would log in using the URL

the url bar showing http://department.umn.edu/saml_login

which would redirect you to the University's standard login form (enter your University of Minnesota Internet ID and password)


  • The site administrator for your Drupal site may have changed the login URL. For example, many sites affiliated with the Academic Health Center use /login appended to the domain name.
  • Drupal Lite sites also use /login appended to the domain name.
  • Merely logging in to the site will not afford you any abilities to create/edit/change content on the site. The site administrator will need to assign you the proper role after you have logged in to the site. Contact them to ensure you have the proper role in your site.